Instructions for enabling double-sided printing when printing documents to VIU printers.

This is a quick reference of Microsoft® Windows 7. 

If you are not a VIU Student or Employee, and require internet access while visiting VIU, we are pleased to offer our viu-guest wireless network. 

Instructions for Students and Employees of other Universities to connect to the Eduroam network at VIU, and for VIU Students and Employees to connect to Eduroam at other Universities.

This document describes how to manage your Audio file. Please follow these steps at the below. 


 Instructions for connecting to wireless networks on campus.

This document describes sending an email to class list. Please follow these steps at the below.  

"Watershed" is a campus network folder open to all employees AND students with VIU computer accounts. Watershed is normally mapped to the drive letter W: on campus computers and automatically connected to your computer account when you log in to a campus computer. 

This document describes how to access your U: drive off campus  for Students and Employees with Windows and Mac stations. 

Instructions for changing and resetting Student and Employee computer passwords.

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