VIU Aerial View

Students and Employees

A user guide for the video conferencing equipment available at VIU.

Instructions on where to find and how to download Microsoft 365 Apps (formerly Office 365), available for Students and Employees of VIU.

Information about Passwords and Passphrases
Information on how to protect you computer, your data and your identity.

Information about VIU's Emergency Alert System

User Guide for Blue-Ray Disk & Document Camera & Data Projector. 

Now that you have finished your project you need to have a way to take it with you. The default file format of Audacity is only playable in Audacity (useful for backing up your project) but you may want to export your audio into a format that can be listened to. We have 3 methods: MP3 (for playback on a computer or MP3 digital player), Standard Audio Cassette and Audio CD (for playback on standard CD music players) 

Now that you have recorded your Audio you can use Audacity to edit your audio tracks. Audacity is what is called a “Multi-Track” audio editing suite. It allows you to edit and record multiple pieces of audio into individual tracks that can be individually manipulated and played together simultaneously to create a multi layered audio project. 

Tips and tricks on what to do if you find that you are unable to connect to the internet on your laptop.