How Do I Connect to viu-guest?

Note: All people using VIU wireless, including viu-secure, viu-guest, or eduroam are required to abide by the VIU Use of Information Technology policy.

To access VIU wireless using the viu-guest network:

  1. Select viu-guest from your list of available wireless networks.
  2. Open a browser and attempt to go somewhere on the internet, and you should be redirected to the viu-guest Login page.
  3. If you already have an account that has not expired enter it below, otherwise select the Create Account button.
  4. Fill in the form on the page with the requested information.
    Note: If you are not visiting on company business, please put Visitor in the company name field.
  5. Once you have registered you will be given your account username and guest password, a copy of these credentials will be sent to the email address you supply on the form.
    Important: your account will expire in 4 hours, if you get disconnected during this time you can use your credentials to re-connect.
  6. Click the Log In button to finish the connection process. You should now be connected to viu-guest network.
    Important Note: Your password will expire after four hours, and you will need to log in again.

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