How Do I Connect to Wireless (WiFi)?

What is VIU-Secure?

VIU-Secure is a wireless network is available to VIU employees and students. Data transmitted over viu-secure are encrypted, meaning they cannot be deciphered by others on the network. This is very important if you use wireless networking for confidential transactions such as accessing your student record, online banking, and online shopping by credit card.

Who is VIU-Secure available to?

Use of VIU-Secure are limited to active VIU students and employees, and subject to the terms and conditions specified in VIU's Policy on Use of Information Technology.

What if I'm a guest a VIU?

Are you a guest on campus? Connect using viu-guest
Are you a member of another institution? Connect using eduroam

How do I connect to VIU-Secure?

Please note: The guidance offered in this document is to be executed by the user, at the user's own risk. Because user-owned equipment is subject to variability in capability and configuration, we cannot guarantee connectivity to VIU's network services.

Who can use this service?

Students and Employees
CLOSE X Technology