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VIU Cyber Security Training:

VIU cyber security training is available to employees. This link will take you to the Knowbe4 Console where you can click on the Training Tab and then click "My Training" to start the training.

New to VIU?

Are you a new student or employee? Find out all you need to know about technology at VIU on our Getting Started pages. Use the Getting Started menu above to find a helpful step by step process to get you up and working!

Students Getting Started Guide

Information includes:

  • Create your Computer Account
  • Connect to VIU Wireless
  • Print from your laptop
  • Get Microsoft Software for Free

Employees Getting Started Guide

Information includes:

  • Set Up My VIU Email on a Personal Device
  • Connect to VIU Wireless
  • Set Up VIU VPN
  • Setup Employee Printing

Parent Getting Started Guide
Visitors Getting Started Guide

Tip of the Month

Do you need some one on one help using computers?

The IT Department now has student Tech Tutors available to help students use computers. They can help with online course material, formatting documents, and file management. Come by the IT Helpdesk and meet with a student Tech Tutor today!

More information on Student Tech Tutors.

IT Service Advisory

Helpdesk Client Portal

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