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New to VIU?

Are you a new student, employee, or just visiting campus? Find out all you need to know about technology at VIU in our technology guides. These contain everything you need to know to get you up and working!

Need Help with Non-IT Services?

There are many services used at VIU that are managed and supported by various departments, such as Human Resources, Print Services, CIEL, etc. Here are links to help pages for some of these services:

IT Ask Me Anything

Have you ever wanted to get the entire IT department into a room and ask them anything you like? Are you willing to settle for 4-6 members of the IT department?

We have the room for you! Or rather, a virtual room.

In true Ask Me Anything style, we have no planned theme, just a planned panel willing to listen and answer your questions. However, if we can’t answer a question right then and there we will follow up with you and get you an answer.

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