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How Do I Connect to Watershed?


Anyone with a VIU computer account can save a file in Watershed.  Anyone else with Watershed access can copy that file, read, edit or delete it.

Watershed is a TEMPORARY file storage space. Files on Watershed are deleted every weekend. 

Examples of Watershed use are:

  • An instructor in a computer lab might want to share a file with the class.
  • Students working on different computers who want to share a file.

There are two security models for Watershed:

  1.  Files placed in the root of Watershed are accessible to all. There is no file security set at this level. This location should be used for file distribution and sharing.
  2.  Sub-folders created in Watershed, and the files saved within them, are accessible only to the account that created the folder.  

If you want your files to remain confidential, creation and use of a folder is recommended.

Manual connection steps of Watershed:
If you are not automatically connected to Watershed (i.e. if Watershed is not mapped to the W: drive on your computer when you log in), you can connect to it manually by following these steps.

Who can use this service?

Students and Employees