Technology Guides

Welcome to Vancouver Island University! Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff member, the Information Technology department is glad you have joined our campus community. We are here to help you with your technology needs. Below are the technology essentials you need to get started:

Student Guide  

Are you a new student coming to VIU? Follow these easy steps to prepare you and your computer for campus technology. Create your computer account, update your email address, connect to the university wireless network, and more.

Employee Guide  

Are you a new member of the Faculty and Staff? Here are the basics you need to prepare you and your computer to work on campus and to get connected.

Parent Guide  

As you know, helping your son or daughter prepare for the new school year begins well before they arrive on campus. To make sure they start off on the right foot, we've compiled information for you to help them get started with technology.

Visitor Guide  

If you're visiting campus, working on a temporary contract basis with VIU, or collaborating with VIU faculty on a research project, you'll want to know what IT services are available to you and how to access them. Here's where you can find the information you need to get up and running quickly and easily.


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