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Network Shares

Network shares are spaces set up on the server whose intent is to provide an easy method for sharing files. In this way files can be shared by a department, by a small group of users, between an instructor and their students, or between students. When you map a drive, you associate a drive letter with a path. It enables you to instantly jump to this shared location without having to go through a series of time-consuming steps.

Drive Letter selection: It is better to select a drive letter beginning from H to Z. 

Permissions: If you have recently been given access to a shared drive, you will need to log off and back on again before you try to map to this share in order for the security changes to take effect.

Shared Network Space Quotas

Network shares, like your U: drive, are subject to a quota limit. The quota limit is not placed on the share itself, but applied against each user of that share. This means that one person can reach their quota and be unable to add or save any more files, while other users will not have a problem. If you have mapped to the share, you can open My Computer and click once on the mapped drive. In the left hand pane you will see your personal usage (Total and free space). For Faculty and staff the default quota for network shares is the same as for U: drives: 250MB

How do I request or access this service?

Faculty and staff can request the creation of a shared network space. Security groups are set up and members of the security groups are given access to the share. 
Please forward a request for shared network space to the IT Helpdesk with the following information:

  • The name you would like for the share (no spaces please, and shorter is better). The IT Helpdesk will advise you if the name is not available or does not fit into our naming convention.
  • Type of security required for this share
    • Do some people require more (or less) access than others. For example, an Instructor may have a share that they have full access to, but students have Read-only access, or
    • Do all users get the same access except for one or two folders within the share?
  • Usernames of people who will need access to this share.
  • What types of files are expected to be stored in this shared space?
  • Any other information that you feel would be important for ITS to know when creating this share.

Once the Helpdesk has received the request, the process begins to create the share. The requestor will be advised when it has been set up.


Who can use this service?


When is this service available?

Support for this service is available: M-F 8:00 - 4:30

Service is available: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

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