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How Do I Print on Transparencies?

Printing on Transparencies

  • Send black & white print jobs just as you would for printing on paper.
  • For colour transparencies, select the colour printer from the print dialog.

When you have sent your file(s) to a printer, go to the Library Service Desk and purchase either black & white or colour transparencies, depending on which printer you printed to. Library staff will help you load the transparencies into the printers and release your print job(s).

  • Black & white transparencies are $1.00 per sheet and colour transparencies are $1.50 per sheet.You may only use transparencies purchased at the Library Service Desk in Library and Commons printers: they are specially made for our printer models and will not melt inside the printers, as other transparencies might. 

Printing in the Library and Commons costs 10¢ per page for black & white printing, and 50¢ per page for colour printing. Please note that the total cost of producing a transparency will be the cost of the transparency sheet ($1.00 per sheet for black & white, and $1.50 per sheet for colour) PLUS the cost of printing.

  • For example, one colour transparency will cost $2.00 altogether: $1.50 for the transparency, and 50¢ to print from the colour printer. Library photocopiers cannot photocopy on transparencies - the only way to make transparencies in the Library and Commons is to print a computer file to a laser printer. 
  • Alternatively, the VIU Students' Union offers photocopying on transparencies in black & white only. Again, you must buy transparencies from the Students' Union to use in the Students' Union photocopier. Pricing is 42¢ per transparency sheet and 5¢ per page for photocopying.
  • As well, VIU's Printing and Duplicating Centre can make transparency photocopies for $1.00 per page for black & white and $1.60 per page for colour (prices include both the transparency and copying costs). For transparencies from computer files, add a minimum $1.50 charge per file (e.g. one colour transparency printed from a computer file would cost $3.10.)


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