Instructions on how to set up a Web Folder that can be used to host web pages on the world wide web.

File Management Basics for Students

This page allows you to retrieve the most current weekly schedule for the Student Access Labs.

File Management Basics for Students. Don't lose your work -- follow this important advice at the below. 

In the VIU Library and Commons Area, you can make transparencies from computer files (e.g. Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, digital image files, Internet web pages) by opening the files and printing to the black & white or colour printers. 

Instructions detailing how to retrieve print jobs sent from VIU campus computers and for laptops wirelessly. 

A U: Drive is 2 GB of network storage space on VIU servers provided to students on by the VIU IT department. 

If you cannot view your files on the Internet, or you cannot access your web folder, the folder is not working properly. The only way to fix web folder problems is to delete the web folder (and all of its contents) and recreate it.  

Instructions for creating a Student computer account.

Overview about Web Folders

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