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October 2022 - Cyber Security Awareness Month

 Ruin a cyber criminal's day!

Cyber criminals spend their days trying to trick us into giving up our personal information, tamper with our devices and even steal our identities. When cyber attacks like phishing are successful, they can ruin our days, to put it lightly. That’s why, this Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’re encouraging you to ruin a cyber criminal’s day.

Phishing - Where the bad guys use fraudulent messages to try to trick you into revealing confidential information. They may pretend to be someone a legitimate sender like your bank or a delivery company, or someone in authority, such as VIU, the government, the IT department or your boss.

Cyber Month 2022 Weekly Content

Phish Happens

Even the savviest of us can fall for a phishing attempt. This week, we’ll focus on actionable steps to take to recover from a phishing attack with topics including:

    The more you know about phishing, the easier it is to spot. This week, we’ll educate you about what phishing is and where it happens, the motivation behind cyber threats and how it works. We’ll cover topics including:

    Preventing a phishing scam is easier than dealing with one. This week, we’ll teach you how to ruin a cyber criminal’s day by taking steps to protect yourself online, such as:

    • Taking Security Awareness Training - Security Awareness Training is one of the top protective controls for the Education Sector.
    • Check out the Phishing Playlist
    • Using strong and unique passphrases and passwords
    • Using a password manager
    • Enabling 2-Step Verification (2SV)
      • 2SV is the #1 tool you can use to help secure your accounts. It is a proven, effective way to improve your security and frustrate the bad guys.

      • Almost all online services (including social media, banks, shopping, etc.) have offered 2SV to make your account more secure.
      • VIU will be making 2-Step Verification (2SV) available to faculty and staff in 2023.

    Cyber Security is a team sport, together we can fight phishing. This week, we’ll encourage you to teach others how to ruin a cyber criminal’s day by providing information they can easily share with colleagues, friends, relatives and neighbours, like:


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    VIU Cyber Month '22 Challenge 

    The Challenge is now over. Thanks to everyone who participated.

    One winner will be randomly selected out of all Faculty & Staff entries - and will be contacted by email.

    The winners name will be published on Nov 9th in the VIU Digest.

    But it is not too late to learn how to fight cyber criminals.

    Fight Phishing

    Faculty & Staff:

    #DYK that we have brand new security awareness training available to you? 4 new courses that train users of the potential threats to VIU's information and how to avoid situations that might put VIU’s data at risk. 

    The #1 reason to take the training - you’ll learn how to protect yourself and your family.

    The first course is Secure I.T. 100 – Information Security Essentials for VIU, a short, 20 question quiz that focuses on VIU with emphasis on the risks we experience here and specific examples.

    Past Cyber Security Awareness Month Highlights

    Cyber Security Awareness Month Banner

    No matter what's going on around us, the internet keeps us in touch and spending time with our favourite people.

    Stay safe while being social

    Share special moments safely

     Work from home safely

    All members of the VIU research community are encouraged to take extra precautions to protect the security of their research.

    Get friendly with your devices - Cyber Security Awareness Month

    If You Connect It, Protect It

    Devices have become an integral part of our lives. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to remember all of the connected devices we use on a daily basis. The first few days of CSAM will focus on taking stock of all of the devices in your life and bidding farewell to those devices that have served you well, but that you might not use anymore.

    You can start by taking stock of your own cyber security knowledge by taking the Get Cyber Safe Assessment Checkup.

    It’s time to repay your phone for all it has done for you by making sure it’s properly secured.

    Show your computer you care by:

    Network devices - Let’s give these unsung heroes their dues by making sure they’re secure against cyber threats.

    Take care of your TVs, doorbells and other smart devices by: