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October 2020 Cyber Security Awareness Month

Get friendly with your devices - Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM)

Every year during the month of October, organizations around the world work together to raise public awareness around online safety, privacy, and cyber security. By being informed, all Canadians can learn how to work and stay secure. This year, the focus is on protecting the things we care about most — our devices.

If You Connect It, Protect It

Cyber Security Awareness Weekly Content

Devices have become an integral part of our lives. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to remember all of the connected devices we use on a daily basis. The first few days of CSAM will focus on taking stock of all of the devices in your life and bidding farewell to those devices that have served you well, but that you might not use anymore.

You can start by taking stock of your own cyber security knowledge by taking the Get Cyber Safe Assessment Checkup.

Are you looking for a challenge? Take part in the Provincial Government’s weekly CSAM Challenges. Enter your name when you complete each challenge (one per day or by demand) for a grand prize draw!

Your beloved phone. It is one of the last things you see before you fall sleep and one of the first when you wake up. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you have probably spent even more time with your phone than you usually do. Whether you want to connect with your loved ones, knock some things off your work ‘to-do’ list, or just kill time, your phone is there when you need it (except when it runs out of battery, but that’s on you). It’s time to repay your phone for all it has done for you by making sure it’s properly secured.

For week 2, we have tips you can use to keep your phone — and the information on it — safe and sound, including:

Phones may be like tiny computers in our pockets, but there are some things they still don’t do as well as a good old-fashioned laptop or desktop. Like video games, responding to emails, and work (especially if you’ve been working from home). Let’s reward these important devices with some well-deserved caring.

This week we’ll show you how to show your computer you care by teaching you to:

Network devices may not be as flashy as phones or computers. Nobody is waiting in line for the latest router — but they serve an important function— they connect you to everything. Let’s give these unsung heroes their dues by making sure they’re secure against cyber threats.

This week, you’ll learn all about how to:

If computers are your childhood BFF, then the smart devices (aka IoT – Internet of Things) around your house are that quirky but lovable friend you make as an adult. Sure, they’re a little weird and unfamiliar, but once you figure out how to work together, you won’t know how you ever lived without them.

This week, we’ll teach you to take care of your TVs, doorbells and other smart devices by:

Cyber Security Awareness Month Wrap Up

It’s easy to put off taking action to make yourself more cyber secure. Who wants to take a break from doing fun things on their computer to, say, download a software update?

The problem, though, is that cyber criminals are a constant threat and if you aren’t following cyber security best practices, you may become one of their victims.

Stop making excuses!! Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020 is a great opportunity to adopt some best practices when it comes to cyber security.

Take the VIU Cyber Security Awareness Month Challenge

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What could you win?

A Geek Basket of goodies from the VIU Campus Store PLUS bragging rights as VIU’s very first Cyber Security Awareness Month Champion.

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