Client access to the Service Management system used by the IT Department to track and respond to requests for assistance from the VIU community.

This document is a quick reference of outlook. You can manage your email account and create your email archive, please follow these steps below.

Some VIU employees use mobile phones to perform institutional business. Mobile phones are provided by the employee's department and all orders for plans, phones, and travel packs require budget holder approval.

VIU's current cellular provider is Rogers. The current available VIU plans and phones are listed here: VIU Mobile Plans and Phones (links to secure page) 

An explanation of the different types of User Profiles used at VIU, and how to manage them.

Use one of the TELUS Conferencing Services if you need to connect a meeting of many people to a single or multiple callers, or if you want to call multiple people from one phone. Depending on the type of call you need to make. 

Monty Python Spam is the electronic version of Junk mail. It is unsolicited, and often unwanted bulk email messages. Spam does not usually contain viruses but is usually a valid email sent from a legitimate source. 

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