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How Do VIU Employee Accounts Work?

This page contains information on accounts used by VIU employees, including instructions for creating and changing passwords.

VIU Account Basics

  1. The employee's appointment is entered into the Human Resources system
  2. HR or the appointment creator creates the computer account using the Account Maintenance tool

Account maintenance, such as the disabling of inactive accounts is done through an automated system. A disabled account can be automatically re-enabled by Human Resources when the above conditions are met.

Your employee computer account and VMS account usernames are identical. Your username is automatically generated by the computer system. The basic form takes up to the first 8 characters of the user's surname followed by their first initial. In some cases, additional initials or a numeric value may be required to differentiate between usernames.

Your username is not case sensitive, so Joe Name's username can be entered as namej or NameJ. If you have had a formal name change, and your new name has been entered by Human Resources into the HRIS system, you can send a request to the IT Service Desk to have your username and Email address changed to reflect your new name.

What is commonly referred to as your "VIU account" consists of the following:

  • Network (computer) account
  • VMS/VAX Account

You may also want to access the following resources, which require different accounts (usernames and passwords):

What You Get with a VIU Account

Your VIU account allows you to access:

  • Computers on a VIU campus (Nanaimo, Parksville and Powell River) and use all of it's functions (software, Internet, printing)
  • VIU Email
  • Employee Portal (HRIS and FIS)
  • Microsoft 365
  • VIULearn (D2L)
  • VIUOnline Rooms (Zoom)
  • VIUTube
  • VIUBlogs

Everyone using information technology at VIU is required to abide by Vancouver Island University's Policy 45.01 - Use of Information Technology.

Your VMS/VAX account allows access to:

  • The Student Record System (SRS), including Grade Entry
  • The Financial Record System (FRS), including Purchase Requisitions
  • Facilities Online Work Order Form
  • Parking Permits

Vendor Service Tech Accounts

Does your department/area hire Vendor contractors?
These would be technicians or consultants from independent companies, who perform installation, maintenance or upgrades on VIU systems or computers.
IF any work requires the vendor service tech to have a VIU computer account, those people will need a vendor service technician account.

Affiliate Accounts

An Affiliate of Vancouver Island University (VIU) is a person who is not an employee but who has a regular relationship to the institution and may require access to some VIU services. Once registered as an Affiliate in the HRIS, VIU, at its discretion, can extend this person rights to various services, such as a computer account and staff paid parking.

Status as an Affiliate lasts a maximum of two years, after which it can be renewed. Affiliates assigned a computer account are bound by the provisions of Use of Information Technology Policy 45.01.

The affiliate's "sponsor" (an employee who works at VIU and will be the contact for the affiliate) needs to do the following:

  1. Complete and sign the VIU Affiliate Status Application Form
  2. Send the completed and signed form to Human Resources for processing and account creation.

If you need an account for vendor service technicians to perform updates or maintenance to applications used by VIU, please use the Vendor Service Tech Request form. Do NOT submit affiliate forms for vendor service technicians.

Generic Accounts

A generic account is a login account that departments use when they want to provide access to unique or specific department or position resources for short time periods.

Key points to remember when requesting a Generic Account:

  • The generic account administrator is responsible for ensuring that the activities of the account can always be attributed to a single individual.
  • The generic account administrator is responsible for keeping documentation recording the dates that an individual has been granted access to the account.
  • The generic account administrator is responsible for changing the password on the account whenever the individual no longer requires access to the account.
  • Generic accounts follow the VIU password standard and the account password will expire every 6 months (180 days).
  • Generic accounts will be audited on an annual basis for on-going need. The generic account administrator should keep a record of all generic accounts they have requested so they can provide information regarding ongoing need when requested.

To request a Generic Account:

  1. Read the Generic Account Standard: Generic Account Standard
  2. Complete the Generic Account Request Form:  Request Form (employee login required)
  3. Track your generic accounts (sample excel generic account tracker)
  4. Email the completed form to

Other Types of Accounts

If you are a member of one of these groups, please refer to Procedure 45.01.001 Access to Information Technology - Associate Privileges for information regarding duration and type of access.

Disabling of Computer Accounts

An automated email notice is sent to any Regular, Temporary, Term, Student employee, Research Associates, and Affiliates with an email account 30 days before their employment, contract, or affiliation end date. The disable date in the email relates to the end date of the contract or affiliation period which comes from Human Resources’ records.

Computer Account Disable Dates by Affiliation:

Regular Employees (VIUFA, BCGEU, CUPE, Admin & Associates)

Account is disabled 1 day after last date of appointment

Temporary BCGEU

Account is disabled 6 months after last date of appointment

Temporary VIUFA

Account is disabled 12 months after last date of appointment


Account is disabled 90 days after last date of pay

Student Workers (work-op, non work-op, research)

Account is disabled 120 days after last date of appointment


Account is disabled 1 day after last date of affiliation agreement

Access to VIU accounts, network shares, email and online resources are disabled.  Any email sent to a disabled account will generate an automatic reply. Files and emails in disabled accounts remain intact for 1 year.

Note: Data is removed from a disabled account after 1 full year with no activity.

Access is restored to user accounts and resources. If the account is enabled within 1 year, files and emails are just as they were left and the password is unchanged.

Note: Data is removed from a disabled account after 1 full year with no activity.

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