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Overview of Services


The Information Technology department provides a broad range of technology services for Vancouver Island University students, faculty, staff and community.

Some of the services we provide to enable the teaching, learning, and administrative functions at Vancouver Island University include:

  • Development and maintenance of a reliable Network Infrastructure
  • Student Lab Infrastructure support
  • Software development, maintenance, implementation and integration of institutional teaching, learning and administrative systems
  • Enabling of VIU's presence on the Web
  • Implementation and maintenance of the core storage and server infrastructure enabling all the above functions
  • Support of student and employees technology service requests

We set up and maintain over 2200 desktop workstations, digital office and classroom equipment to support over 2000 employees and 100 classrooms and the networking equipment, operating systems and servers to tie them together.

The department maintains hundreds of VIU systems including Student Registration System, Human Resources Appointment System, Academic Alert System, Finance (FRS), and Telephone Directory System (TDS).

IT also provides a helpdesk function for assistance to all VIU community members including employees and students with use of VIU technologies and services.

To find a complete list of services and how to request them, search our Service Catalog.

Helpdesk Service Priorities

  1. In-Person/Counter
  2. Phone
  3. Voicemail
  4. Email


Primarily students with account issues (includes access and printing). Also some faculty and staff with questions, reporting technical problems, dropping off equipment for repair or picking items up.

We are located in the Library building 305, 3rd floor in the commons.


Primarily faculty and staff reporting issues with equipment (PCs, laptops, A/V) or software.

For Urgent problems please contact us at 250-740-6300 (local 6300).


Primarily faculty and staff reporting issues with equipment (PCs, laptops, A/V)


Mix of faculty, staff and students. Students are generally account issues. Faculty and staff emails cover all areas that ITS supports such as hardware and software issues and questions, telecom, temporary accounts and request for quotes.