How Do I Create My Student Computer Account?

VIU students are entitled to a student computer account and must abide by the Use of Information Technology Policy

What is the difference between a student record account and a computer account?

Students have both a student record account and a computer account. These are separate accounts and can both have different passwords. You will not have a computer account until you create one by following the steps below.

What is my computer account used for?

Your computer account will be used to log in to computers on campus, use VIU-Secure Wi-Fi, and log in to VIULearn (D2L).

How long will my account be active?

Student accounts will remain active for 120 days past the last date of enrollment as a Vancouver Island University student. At the end of the 120 days, the account will be disabled. Data is removed from an account 1 year after it has been disabled. If you register in a regular program during that 1 year period, your account will be re-enabled with no loss of data.

How do I create one?

To create a student account if one has not already been created, please use one of the two following methods:

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