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Tips for home users that are experiencing issues with internet connections

Internet providers are seeing larger than normal usage volumes which can affect everyone's quality of service. These tips can help.

  • During working hours, limit the usage of Netflix and other video streaming services to ensure a good connection
  • After working hours, consider changing the video quality to 720p or lower to save bandwidth.
  • 4K or 1080p stream use significant bandwidth and should be avoided if possible.
  • Radio Steaming services or other services that take content from a cloud and display it to you should also be reduced.
  • Family Members to avoid using online services during Video Conferencing Calls.
  • This will ensure a better call experience for you as well as your connected coworkers.
  • Video Conferencing uses more bandwidth than normal computer browsing or online gaming, but still less than Netflix or YouTube.
  • If you are Video Conferencing from home, check with your Internet Service Provider to ensure you are not going over your plan's monthly data limits and getting charged overages.

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