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IT Support Overview for Working Remotely and Returning to Campus

Do you have questions about using technology on campus, off campus, or for course delivery?
Contact the IT Service Desk, we’re here to help you!
  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-250-740-6300 (Local 6300)
  • Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm (Pacific)

We are expecting high volumes and responses will be processed as quickly as possible. Please phone for urgent requests.

NOTE: The IT Service Desk counter will be closed until further notice. All requests should be handled via email or phone to ensure adequate social distancing.

Returning to Campus?

Please move any files you need to access to your U drive prior to returning to campus.

  • You may not have access to your files once you return to campus if they are not in your U drive or a share drive.
  • Files saved to your desktop or documents folder may not be accessible on other computers, and may not be backed up.

The U drive is the safest place to store documents you are working on, and is accessible on campus or off campus.

  • Please do not connect to the VPN if you are on campus.
  • For more information on your U drive, view What is a U Drive?

Share drives can be accessed on or off campus.

If you borrowed a laptop or other equipment to enable you to work from home and are returning to work on campus, please email to make arrangements to return the equipment.
Please ensure the device is clean and free of debris before dropping it off to IT.

If you have difficulties reconnecting your computer equipment upon your return to campus, please contact the IT Service Desk.

  • If your device has been off campus for a while, it may be behind on updates. There may be some slowness for the first two days and you may be asked to restart your computer.
  • If you continue to experience slowness for more than two days, please contact the IT Service Desk for support.
  • If you have difficulty with your computer, please restart it prior to contacting IT Service Desk.

IT will only be reviewing requests for computer moves to address COVID-19 social distancing requirements for people returning on campus. Email your request to

Please submit your COVID-related computer move requests as soon as possible, as these requests have a minimum 2 week expected response time once it has been confirmed proper connections are active and available.

Working Remotely?

VIU email remains available to employees on and off campus.

Please note VPN access is not required to access email.

Where can I find help with this?

How Do I Access My VIU Email?

You can access generic mailboxes from Outlook or Webmail on campus or off campus. VPN access is not required.

Where can I find help with this?

How Do I Set Up and Manage Microsoft Outlook?

Due to current capacity limitations, please only connect to the VPN when using a service that requires VPN and be sure to disconnect from the VPN when you are no longer using that service.

What do I need the VIU VPN for?

What do I not need the VIU VPN for?

  • VIU Email
  • Microsoft 365
  • VIULearn (D2L)
  • Unit4 Business World
  • InViu
  • VIUTube

Please note: in order to help protect VIU assets and data, if you are connecting from a personal computer, ensure your operating system has the latest updates applied and that you are running an updated malware/virus protection application.

Where can I find help with this?

How Do I Create a VPN Connection to the VIU Network?

The U drive is file storage space attached to your VIU employee computer account. Employees can access their U drives from on campus or off campus. The U drive is the safest place for storing your files.

Please note that accessing U drives off campus will require a VPN connection. See the "VPN Access" section above.

Where can I find help with this?

What is a U Drive?

You can access share drives you have access to on or off campus.

Please note that accessing share drives off campus will require a VPN connection. See the "VPN Access - Employees" section above.

Where can I find help with this?

How Do I Map to a Shared Network Drive?

You can store files on USB sticks as long as data privacy is not a concern. Examples of files that are probably okay to put on USB sticks: course PowerPoint presentations, course assignments.

Please avoid downloading files to thumb drives or local computer drives if data privacy is of a concern.  Furthermore, please remember cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive do not meet Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) requirements. Please refer to the privacy officer for more information or guidance.

Employees will need to use VPN to access files that are in department share drives or employee U drives. See the "VPN Access - Employees" section above.

Need a computer?

Please work with your manager on options to address the situation. If your manager has approved the purchase of a computer, email with your purchase request. Include your managers approval in the email. We will reply with a quote for a device and the steps to purchase.

Need a headphone with microphone?

We do not have any more headphones. You can order headphones through the VIU Campus Store or other VIU suppliers.

To drop off equipment

  1. Print your ticket and make sure it is clearly displayed on the equipment.
  2. Ensure you bring the charger if you are dropping off a laptop
  3. Ensure the device is clean and free of debris
  4. Drop off at IT (first floor of Building 305, back door. Follow the signs). Please note: Wearing a mask is required while you are dropping off your equipment with IT.

To pick up equipment when notified that your equipment is ready to pick up

  1. You will require your VIU employee ID and the ticket number that you were given.
  2. You will not be able to pick up equipment without your employee ID.
  3. Pick up at IT (first floor of Building 305, back door. Follow the signs). Please note: Wearing a mask is required while you are picking up your equipment at IT.

Drop off and pick up hours: Monday-Friday 1 - 3 pm

NOTE: For everyone's safety, you will not be allowed in the IT department.

Phone Forwarding

Some newer VIU phones can be forwarded to external phone numbers. For more information, view Instructions for Forwarding Mitel Phones

VIU has a very limited number of phone lines, please do not forward phones unless no other option is available.  Email if you need more information on options.


Voicemail is available from off campus. For more information, view How Do I Manage My Voicemail?