IT Response Plan

For Social Distancing and Working Remotely


The purpose of this document is to overview VIU IT Support Services that enable social distancing and working remotely for the duration of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Content Sections

The IT Service Desk counter will be closed until further notice. All requests should be handled via email or phone to ensure adequate social distancing. Please email or phone 1-236-362-1121

We are expecting high volumes and responses will be processed as quickly as possible. If you phone, you may be triaged to email to enable us to process all calls.

NOTE: The Service Desk phone number has changed. Please call 1-236-362-1121 to reach the IT Service Desk.

Email services will remain fully operational. You can use your browser to access VIU email online at or via your mobile device. Please avoid using VPN as it is not required to access email.

You can store files on USB sticks as long as data privacy is not a concern. Examples of files that are probably okay to put on USB sticks: course powerpoint presentations, course assignments.

Please avoid downloading files to thumb drives or local computer drives if data privacy is of a concern.  Furthermore, please remember cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive do not meet Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) requirements. Please refer to the privacy officer for more information or guidance.

Employees will need to use VPN to access files that are in department share drives or employee U drives.

Due to current capacity limitations, please only connect to the VPN when using a service that requires VPN and be sure to disconnect from the VPN when you are no longer using that service.

Services that DO require the use of VPN include: files on network shares (U drive, department drives)

Services that DO NOT require the use of VPN include: most VIU resources such as Email, VIU Learn, FRS, Unit 4, SRS, InViu, VIUTube, all websites.

In the event that VIU hits our maximum VPN connections, a schedule will be created and distributed to allow access to all at scheduled intervals.

See: VPN set up instructions

Once your VPN is set up you will need to map to your share drives and U drives

Please note: VIU IT does not support personal computers.

Please note: in order to help protect VIU assets and data, if you are connecting from a personal computer, ensure your operating system has the latest updates applied and that you are running an updated malware/virus protection application.

Need a computer?

Please work with your manager on options to address the situation.

Need a standard monitor, keyboard, or mouse?

Email your request to the IT Service Desk. IT has a limited supply of equipment that we can loan out, please only request these items if you need them.

NOTE: VIU monitors have a standard Display Port connection. We can supply a VGA cable if you request it. You may require a different special cable (HDMI) to connect your monitor to your computer or laptop. If you require an HDMI cable, notify your manager to get approval to purchase.

Need a headphone with microphone?

We do not have any more headphones. We will send an update in the University Relations email if we are able to obtain any more.

Need support for your VIU computer or laptop (on or off campus)?

Limited hardware/software support will be available on VIU managed desktop and laptops. Please email and include your computer name.

To drop off equipment:

  1. Print your ticket and make sure it is clearly displayed on the equipment.
  2. Ensure you bring the charger if you are dropping off a laptop
  3. Drop off at IT (first floor of Building 305, back door. Follow the signs)

To pick up equipment when notified that your equipment is ready to pick up:

  1. You will require your VIU employee ID and the ticket number that you were given.
  2. You will not be able to pick up equipment without your employee ID.
  3. Pick up at IT (first floor of Building 305, back door. Follow the signs)

Pickup hours: Monday-Friday 1pm-3pm

NOTE: For everyone's safety, you will not be allowed in the IT department.

All web services will remain fully operational. Support will continue to be through

Some newer VIU phones can be forwarded to external phone numbers.  Instructions for forwarding MiTel phones

VIU has a very limited number of phone lines, please do not forward phones unless no other option is available.  Email if you need more information on options.

Voicemail is available from off campus. Please refer to the instructions on accessing VIU voicemail.

The ability to receive shipped orders will be limited for the foreseeable future. New orders will be processed as per purchasing processes but delays in delivery should be expected.

All administrative systems, such as My Student Record, SRS, and FRS, will remain available via web access. Support will remain available by contacting Please note VPN access is not required to access administrative systems.

Privacy Reminder: Due to privacy concerns, please do not export data to personal computers.

Only critical core infrastructure changes will be supported until further notice. Building and/or room specific infrastructure changes will only be attended to once social distancing restrictions are lifted.

No offices moves will be processed until further notice.

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