How Does Student Printing Work?

This guide is for students wanting to print on campus. Follow this link for employee printing instructions.

What does printing cost?

Note: VIU has temporarily made printing free of charge for students.

  • Black & white printing costs 10¢ per side and is available in all campus computer labs.
  • Colour printing costs of 50¢ per side and is available in the Library Commons.

How do I add funds?

You pay for printing by having money in your Payprint account. Please note that amounts added to your account for printing are not refundable.

  • You need to have a VIU student computer account to be able to print. Please see our page on creating a VIU student computer account for further details of this step.
  • You need to have a VIU student card to add money to your pay-print account.
  • You pay for printing with a prepaid balance in your pay-print account. Your account will be debited when you choose to print your print job from printer(s).
  • You can add funds to your account online at Printing Account Management or at the Library service desk (Building 305, 3rd Floor).

How do I print?

Step 1: Send your print job

  1.  Select the Print command from the program in which you are working (e.g. Word, Explorer etc.)

    • You will need to go to the File menu, select the Print command, and wait for the Print Dialogue box to appear. Click on the drop-down menu next to the "printer Name" field at the top of the dialogue box, and select the lab's building and room number as the printer. Click OK at the bottom of the Print dialogue box.

    • Make sure you are printing to the correct printer in the room. Some workstations will have more than one printer mapped.
      For example:

      • When you are in building 315 room 113, the printer would be 315-113hp
      • When you are in building 180 room 248, the printer would be 180-248hp
  1. Click Print from the Print menu, this will send your print job to the print queue at the release station you have selected from the print drop down box in step 1 above.

Step 2: Release your print job

  1. Go to the printer
  2. You will see a computer next to the printer: this is the Print Release Station.
  3. On the Print Release Station, select the option "Student Computer Account".
  4. Enter your student number and computer account password.
  5. There will be another field with your student number copied into it. This filters your job out of every other student. (If you are printing from a laptop, this field must be blank or you cannot find your print job).
  6. Select your print job, verify you have sufficient funds, and click "Print".

How do I print on my own laptop?

Who can use this service?

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