Why is not my web folder working?

Warning: if you remove your web folder, you will lose all the files saved in it. If you want to keep your files, move them out of the web folder to your U: drive or other storage medium such as a USB drive.

To reset your web folder:

  1. Go to Change Password and log in with your student number and computer account password
  2. Click "Remove Home Page Access" - this will delete all data inside the web folder.
  3. Click "OK" in the confirmation dialog box.
  4. Click "Continue" to return to the previous page
  5. Check that it worked correctly. It should tell you your home page access is Disabled
  6. Click "Enable Home Page Access" to recreate your folder
  7. If you backed up any files, you can now restore them to the directory.


If problems persist, please contact us at the IT Helpdesk, either via email ithelp@viu.ca or by phone, 250-740-6300 (local 6300).

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