Web Editing


The user documentation on this site describes the most common use cases for editing a website which include logging in, creating and editing pages and a variety of other tasks.  Advanced topics are also covered, and will be added as the site evolves over time.

This documentation covers the use of the Drupal CMS and the Bootstrap-based theme that we use.  There are several advantages to using Drupal and Bootstrap over our previous web content management system:

  • Browser based editing.  You can edit your site in all updated major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari).  As such, no special software is required, and no need to connect through a VPN if you are working remotely
  • Responsive site methodologies ensure the site looks great on mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes
  • Drupal is a flexible and open source CMS and framework.  VIU has in-house developers who are continually providing new features and ensuing sites are functioning optimally

If you are having trouble editing your site, or you would like to explore ways to improve the function and / or appearance of your site please contact us at ithelp@viu.ca.