Site Menu Management Overview

The menu location for a single page can be edited from the content page view and is described in Create a New Page.  Editing the site menu as a whole is described as follows.

Editing the site menu

Click the cog icon on the left side of the screen and select Menu


A new interface appears which shows the entire menu for your site.


From this screen you can:

  • re-order menu items by clicking on the crossed arrows and dragging the item to a new location.
  • click on "delete" to remove menu items
  • Use "Edit" to:
    • change titles, set parent-child relationships 
    • create a parent menu item that does NOT have a page associated with it.  This can be useful when you want a category menu item where all the actual content is in the child menu pages 
    • create a menu link to an external site
    • create a menu link to a document