The Library Commons has one audio/video editing suite that can be used to import analog or digital audio files, record voice-overs, and edit audio. The Video Editing Suite can also be used to export cassette tape, audio CD (using iTunes software), data CD or data DVD.

The Macintosh stations with Audacity audio editing software and iMovie software are located on the third floor of the Library in the Library Commons. 

Audio recording equipment and Analog and digital video cameras are available for loan to VIU Students and employees through the VIU Library's Equipment Loans department.

Important information about using the Audio/Video Editing Suite
  • To use the Audio/Video editing workstation, you will need to log in using your existing VIU computer account.
  • When you are finished using the suite, log out of your account, lock the suite door and return the key to the Library Service Desk. If you are the last one using the suite at the end of the day, click on the “Sleep” icon on the computer screen when you log out.
  • Media project files are not backed up by Vancouver Island University. You are responsible for making backup copies of your own project files. 
  • Project files will be deleted 30 days after the last time they were worked on.


  • Assistance: The Audio/Video Editing Suite is a self-service facility, meaning that users must be prepared to complete the majority of their projects independently. If you have problems using the equipment or software, consult the print instructions available in the suite. If you need help, ask the IT Helpdesk for help.
  • If you plan to distribute your audio project or video, you will need permission from the subjects featured in it, e.g. by having the subjects sign a waiver.


The audio/video editing suite computer runs the Macintosh OS X operating system and does not have Microsoft Office software installed. This station is to be used only for audio editing, recording and video editing.

The station has the following specialized technology available:

  • Audacity (for editing and recording audio)
  • Quicktime Pro (for converting audio from one format to another)
  • iTunes (for recording audio CDs -- i.e. CDs that you can play in a CD player)
  • 1 audio cassette tape recorder
  • 1 audio cassette tape player
  • 1 video cassette player/recorder
  • 1 digital video cassette recorder
  • CD/DVD burner
  • iMovie (for capturing and editing your videos)
  • iDVD (for creating DVDs of your video projects)

How do I get help with this service?



Who can use this service?

Students and Employees

Where can I find out more information about this service?

See the guide to "Exporting Audio" or "Sharing Your Video (exporting)" for instructions on backing up your files to DVD.

When is this service available?

Support for this service is available: M-F 8:00 - 4:30

Service is available: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Our technology advisory page provides up-to-date information about the operations of Vancouver Island University's Information Technology systems and services. 

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