An employee may have a number of accounts that they will use to access resources at Vancouver Island University.

What is commonly referred to as your 'computer account' consists of the following:

  • Employee Computer Account (Windows-Network)
  • VMS/VAX Account

You may also want to access the following resources, which require different accounts with usernames and passwords:

Employee Computer Account (Windows - Network)

Your employee computer account allows you to log onto VIU networked computers and includes personal network storage (your U: drive) and an Exchange Email account. You also have access to employee printers and share drives.

Your VIU email address is your Your employee network file storage (including your U: drive and roaming profile) is subject to a quota limit. For information on your network storage quota, please see our web page on User Profiles.

Everyone using information technology at VIU is required to abide by Vancouver Island University's Policy 45.01 - Use of Information Technology

Your employee computer account allows you to:

  • Log onto a campus (Nanaimo, Parksville and Powell River) computer and use all of it's functions (software, Internet, printing)
  • Access your VIU employee email account from a campus computer
  • Access your VIU employee email remotely using Outlook Web Access/Webmail
  • Access InVIU
VMS/VAX Account

This account provides access to many of VIU's main business applications, which exists on our Unix servers. 

Your VMS/VAX account allows access to:

  • The Student Record System (SRS), including Grade Entry
  • The Financial Record System (FRS), including Purchase Requisitions
  • StarGarden HR System
  • Facilities Online Work Order Form
  • Parking Permits
Student Computer Accounts for Employees

Some employees have found it useful to have a student computer account. 

Retired Employees, Honorary Research Associates and Adjunct Faculty

If you are a member of one of these groups, please refer to Procedure 45.01.001 Access to Information Technology - Associate Privileges for information regarding duration and type of access..

Affiliate Status

An Affiliate of Vancouver Island University (VIU) is a person who is not an employee but who has a regular relationship to the institution and may require access to some VIU services.  Once registered as an Affiliate in the Payroll/Human Resources system, VIU, at its discretion, the Affiliate Status can extend this person rights to various services, such as a computer account, library borrowing privileges, and staff paid parking.  Status as an Affiliate lasts a maximum of two years, after which it can be renewed. Affiliates assigned a computer account are bound by the provisions of Use of Information Technology Policy 45.01.

Affiliate Status Application Form

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Our technology advisory page provides up-to-date information about the operations of Vancouver Island University's Information Technology systems and services. 

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