Student Tech Tutors

Student Tech Tutors - Provide Face to Face Peer Technical Support

Do you need help with a course assignment that requires technology? Tech Tutors may be the solution you've been looking for!

Providing personalized technical guidance, the student Tech Tutors can help students with using Word, Powerpoint, and VIULearn (Desire2Learn). Tech Tutors can also provide computer use coaching by helping students with such things as proper file management or computer safety and privacy advice.
The Student Tech Tutors offer face-to-face help that’s hard to beat!


The Tech Tutors will be located at the IT Helpdesk on the VIU Nanaimo Campus.

The IT Helpdesk is located on the 3rd floor of Building 305 (Nanaimo Library building) in the Library Commons (by Photo ID).


Tech Tutors are students just like you! They know what it's like to be busy and struggle with technology and they love technology and helping people!

Do you want to join the team?

Are you a technology ninja? Do you enjoy helping your fellow students solve that weird document formatting issue? Would you like an opportunity to gain valuable experience and improve your customer service, communication, organization, and technical skills?

The IT department at VIU is a great place for finding a convenient on-campus job. As a Student Lab Assistant and Tech Tutor you can take part in important campus activities, provide peer to peer technology help, and learn about how the technology functions at VIU. You can find information on available student positions at the Campus Career Centre website in the On-Campus Employment section:

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When is this service available?

Tech Tutor hours are spread throughout the week to provide a variety of options for students. These hours will change each semester.

Fall 2017 Schedule 




12:30 to 2:30


11:30 to 1:30




11:00 to 1:00


11:00 to 1:00

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