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The University provides network computer accounts, but does not provide network email accounts for students.  Instead, VIU offers a service which lets you have a virtual VIU address ( which will automatically be forwarded to the real email address you have on file in your student record.

To learn how to create this virtual address, see How Do I Create a Student Virtual Email Address?

Students must provide their own email accounts, either through a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Shaw or Telus, or through a free web-based email hosting service such as Outlook, Hotmail, or Gmail. Students with Shaw or Telus email accounts (or accounts with other ISPs) will need to access their email accounts on campus through web mail.

Free web-based email accounts

Web-based email (also called "free mail" and "web mail") is provided free by a number of providers.  It works through a web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), so you don't have to use any special email software.  Your mail will appear in a web page and stay on a remote web server until you delete it.  A big advantage is that you can access your mail from anywhere in the world that you have web access (including, of course, from the VIU campus).

In theory, you can keep your email address forever, unless your web mail company goes out of business or you want to change to another provider.  You won't have to change your e-mail address when you leave VIU.

About the only real disadvantage to free web-based email is that you will be exposed to advertising when you log on to your mail site.  

VIU does not endorse any particular Web-based email service.  The following list of sites is provided only as a convenience, on a caveat emptor ("let the buyer beware") basis.  You may be able to find other sites by searching the Web yourself.

To get your email account, go to one of the websites above and follow the instructions on the screen.  Be sure to write down your email address and remember your password. You will return to the same website to log in and use your email account.

When you first start, it's a good idea to test your e-mail to make sure it is working.  The easiest way is to send yourself an email, wait a minute or two, and then check your e-mail to see that you got the message.

How do I request or access this service?

Accessing your Shaw or Telus email account on campus

If you use Shaw or Telus as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) at home, you can access your or email account through web mail interfaces:

You will need to know your account username and password to access your email through Shaw or Telus web mail. If you don't, contact your ISP for that information.

If you have an email account with another ISP, ask your provider if they support web-based email access. If they don't, you may need to set up a free web-based email account to use on campus.

Who can use this service?


Where can I find out more information about this service?

When is this service available?

Support for this service is available: M-F 8:00 - 4:30

Service is available: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

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