The Employee Directory is a web based directory of contact information for all VIU employees. It is designed to make us more accessible to our students and the broader community. Choose your search category from the drop down list and then select from the second box or type in a name or local as per category requested.


The Employee Directory draws its information from several databases (see table below). These include our Human Resources, Facilities, and Office Inventory databases. The Employee Directory offers several features to our client community. 

Employee Maintained Information

  • You are encouraged to enhance your directory information through “My TDS Info
  • You can log into your personal Employee Directory information profile and may edit several fields. Use your VIU username and password to log in.
  • The job title may be edited to reflect current or multiple duties at VIU. For example, an Instructor may be a departmental coordinator for a year and may be requested to edit their title in a manner consistent with departmental guidelines for title changes;
  • You may optionally display your office hours on the Employee Directory;
  • Additional contact information: employees may optionally add an after hours phone number, personal or departmental web site link, mobile numbers as well as display a fax number different from the default;
  • Photograph: You may choose to display your photograph to the Internet, restrict to on campus viewers only or no display. Employees may update their displayed photo by visiting the ID Centre in the Library and having a new picture made.
  • Instructors may choose to show their time table matrix.
  • Be sure to click the Update Button when done.
  • Other features may be added from time to time, please send us your suggestions.

Printed Directories

You may print the directory (or any portion) from the departmental or alpha list linked from the Employee Directory home page.

Employee Directory Responsibilities

Phone User

Updates contact info in My TDS Info as required or desired, such as:

  • Capitalization of Name (but not spelling)
  • Alternate Title (will override HR title)
  • Office Hours
  • After Hours Phone
  • Website
  • Cell/Blackberry
  • Alternate Fax number (will override default fax number)
  • Show Picture (Not at All, Campus View Only, On Internet)
  • Show Timetable Matrix

TSR User

Submits online telephone service requests (TSR) to IT Services for any telephone move, add or change. Contact this person (likely your area Secretary) first about any telephone service issues

Office Inventory Coordinator

Maintains the office inventory system. Updates phone number changes and locations as required on the request of the Phone Site Requester.

List of OIS Coordinators

Office Inventory System Coordinator

Maintains access rights to office spaces by the different Office Inventory Coordinators

Information Systems

Ensures systems function to meet the needs of the user community.

Facilities Services

Maintains office spaces, adds, changes or deletes office spaces and capacities as required.

Human Resources

Maintains employee information, preferred name, status, department, title, default fax #, e-mail & photo.

Information Technology Services

Maintains Telephone Site Requester list and resolves telecom issues.


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Service is available: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Our technology advisory page provides up-to-date information about the operations of Vancouver Island University's Information Technology systems and services. 

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