All Employee Mail and Distribution Lists

The email distribution list has been replaced for two specific-purposes; large audience email distribution lists, the ML Employees list and the ML VIU Community list. Additionally, Microsoft Outlook email Mail List (ML) and Distribution List (DL) services have been enabled for special interest, target audience email distribution:

Mail Lists
  • Automatically created and updated from TDS and Stargarden databases. 
  • Organized by ML Employees, ML VIU Community or ML BargainingUnit.
  • Identified by ML NameOfList.
Distribution Lists
  • Manually created by the IT Help Desk (see How to Request a New Distribution List)
  • Designated person(s) responsible for creation and maintenance.
  • May have restrictions as to who can use them.
  • Identified by DL NameOflist or DL_NameOfList. 
Viu Digest
  • The VIU Digest is VIU's employee e-newsletter. Published twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays, the digest includes up to date information on events and activities at VIU. Read the VIU Digest to catch up on the lates IT Talk Nerdy To Me article.
  • The VIU Digest is published by University Relations. For more information email university
  • To submit content to the VIU Digest complete the submission form: At the top of every edition, you can also click on the SUBMIT A STORY link and it will redirect you to this form.
  • To recognize a colleague through the SMILES section, simply follow this link or click on the Nominate a colleague link which is found each week in the VIU Digest's SMILE Section. 
  • To unsubscribe scroll to the bottom of the site and click "unsubscribe from this list".
 Institutional ML Employees List

The institutional ML Employees list is used for "mission critical" information.  Every employee (and only employees) will receive the emails but this is a controlled-access list with a limited number of people being able to post to the list. The ML Employees list is used to inform faculty and staff about activities, events, or policies that relate to VIU's educational mission and services. Good examples of this are:

  • Crisis/urgent announcements: power outages, crime alerts, snow closures, computer virus alerts
  • Logistics, construction closures, road closures, environmental alerts
  • Major announcements: significant events such as convocation, naming of a new president or vice-president, university status updates, strategic messages from the Executive
  • Governance information, new policies and procedures
  • Registration information that faculty and students need to know: deadlines, policies
  • Essential Human Resources information

Access to the posting of these emails is limited to members of the Executive (and their designates) and the Director of Public Relations and Communications.

Target Audience Mail and Distribution Lists

Only those with a VIU Outlook Account have access to use these lists.  Emails should relate to the group it is being sent to and relevant to the majority of people on the list.  Always consider if there is a more appropriate way of sending your message.  For example, to the one person charged with communicating with your target audience or via InVIU.

Who can use this service?


When is this service available?

Support for this service is available: M-F 8:00 - 4:30

Service is available: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Our technology advisory page provides up-to-date information about the operations of Vancouver Island University's Information Technology systems and services. 

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