VIU IT Projects


In consultation with the Chief Financial Officer and VP Administration, IT Operations is implementing a new project governance procedure. 

This document explains the new process to submit project proposals that involve IT Operations.


The state of the VIU IT infrastructure has reached a critical point where upgrades and modernization must take priority over other initiatives that require IT involvement. 

IT Operations will continue to provide daily support of existing systems and services but all project effort will now be applied only to those projects approved by the Director of IT Operations. 

Exiting projects underway will be reviewed and potentially placed on hold if they are not Senior Management Group mandated or are determined to be outside the scope of critical infrastructure upgrades and modernization.


All projects involving IT Operations now require approval by the Director of IT Operations.

All proposed projects must following the following process.
• Complete a project proposal using the VIU Project Proposal (VPP) template

• Using the IT Helpdesk portal at, attach the project proposal document to a Help desk request of type Questions/Suggestions, Project, Scheduled Support-->Project Request 

• Project proposals will be reviewed with the Director of IT Operations. If approved, the project will be assigned a priority and be scheduled based on its priority relative to other previously approved projects.

See process diagram below. PDF version

IT PPM Process 

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