How do I use the WakeUp Procedure?

Note: This is for users that have remote desktop setup already. If you don't have remote desktop setup and would like to use it please contact the IT Helpdesk.

1. Connect your VIU VPN connection

  • instructions to connect your VIU VPN can be found here: VIU Web Page

2. Go to

  • If using Internet Explorer you will not be prompted to log in
  • Before June 23 2017, if using any other browser please type "CAPITAN\" in front of your VIU username to login. After June 23 2017, you will no longer need to type "CAPITAN\" before your username.

3. Follow the instructions to wake up your computer (your will need your computer name or IP address). On average this should take a couple of minutes and you will get a confirmation message on the web page that the computer is awake.

4. Establish a remote desktop connection to your VIU computer.

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