Why do I use my U: Drive?

There are multiple benefits to using your U: Drive:

  • Files are saved instantly - in the event of a power failure, your data is good!
    • Files saved to the desktop, downloads, or document folders are only saved when you log out
  • Regular backups are done, so if you accidentally delete a file or need a previous version, you can restore it. (On Windows, right click on the folder and choose "Properties", then navigate to "Previous Versions." If it doesn't exist yet, it might be too early or unrecoverable)

U: Drives are mounted automaticlaly on any VIU computer a student logs into. If it's not mounted, try logging out and back in, or contacting IT Helpdesk for support.

To access your U: Drive off-campus or from a personal laptop on campus, see FAQ 28 

Please Note:

We do not recommend saving files to your desktop or in My Documents. Always save your files in your U: drive or on a USB (or other external storage device). 

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